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As enterprises become bigger with tons of features, automated testing becomes essential. If you need to execute a hundred even thousands test for your weekly releases, an automation script integration could help a lot, and Xray has a native cucumber automation build in. Which means testing can take hours instead of days (nor weeks) with no need for another add-on. Xray also has Pre-conditions worth noting since it allows for specific criteria to be added into testing(e.g: a user has to be the member that has X tier).


Assuming a smaller or new start-up organizations there are little differences between Xray and Zephyr for the term of price since both are cost $10 up to 10 users. TestRail, on the other hand, cost more. 30$/month/user so, in term of price especially for a larger organization who has more than 10 users, the advantages become apparent for Xray.

Price Comparison* *Price might differ since this article created on September 2018
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A guinea pig who’s crave for more experiment.

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Emile Francois

Emile Francois

A guinea pig who’s crave for more experiment.

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